Siesta Key Farmer’s Market

When: Sunday Morning (9am-1pm)

Where: Siesta Key North Village (5104 Ocean Blvd.)

Every Sunday, rain or shine, you can go and experience a fantastic shopping experience in the north village of Siesta Key, all the while supporting our local industries! We urge our guests who check in on Saturday to hold off on buying any fresh fruit and veggies, or specialty items from the grocery store, because everything you want will be available at our local fresh market. It’s a fantastic way to get out in the sunshine, walk through our village and find out just how unique Siesta Key truly is from all other islands. And it doesn’t get more fresh and authentic then what you are about to experience at the market!

The Siesta Key Farmer’s Market does have a direct website that you can visit for more details.

You may be wondering… What will you find when you go other than fresh fruits and vegetables, jams, bread, etc., during your vacation? And can you take it home with you?

For one, I love how most of the items you find at this farmer’s market are handmade, authentic to the region, and one of a kind. I personally love to shop for birthday or Christmas gifts for my far away family and friends because it makes them feel so special. They adore receiving something from the place they have come to love and cherish from visiting me. And even better yet, most of the market’s vendors are willing to ship anywhere in the world! Here is a quick list of things you may find at the market:

  • beautiful oil paintings
  • photography art
  • hand painted ceramics and pottery
  • local and unique plants
  • homemade candles
  • special clothing and jewelry
  • organic teas and coffees
  • pet friendly products

The Farmer’s Market also features live music and it is surrounded by great breakfast locations. It is family-friendly and leashed dogs are welcome. The atmosphere is upbeat and energized. So why not wake up early next Sunday morning and head down to the farmer’s market for a fantastic wholesome breakfast, some live music and all the while you will be supporting our local artisans and businesses! Now that’s a great half-day adventure for your vacation!