Dear Guests,

When you see the CottageClean logo, you know and can trust that this home has adhered to our strict cleanliness and pre-arrival inspection standards. It is our mission to provide a safe haven for you and your family to enjoy!

Prior to your arrival and after housekeeping has cleaned, a quality control representative conducts a rigorous 36-point inspection of your home.

Cleaning and 36-Point Quality Assurance Standards

1. All floors inspected for dead pests

2. All floors inspected for cleanliness

3. Refrigerator and freezer are inspected for cleanliness

4. Inspect dishwasher for leftover dishes

5. Inspect oven and microwave for perfect cleanliness

6. Ensure coffee filter is emptied and carafe is clean

7. Inspect blender for cleanliness

8. Inspect cabinets for cleanliness and organization

9. Every bathroom inspected for cleanliness

10. Verify there are ample bath towels, wash cloths, and beach towels for your stay

11. Washer/dryer inspected for lint and leftover linens

12. Use of all white materials to ensure bleach and hot water used to sanitize all linens and towels

13. All blinds opened prior to your arrival

14. Lights turned on in every room

15. TVs are inspected and left on for ambiance on arrival day

16. Each A/C unit in home is inspected for service on arrival day

17. Elevators (if applicable) are inspected just before guest arrival to ensure they are working correctly

18. All hot tubs and pools are inspected for cleanliness on arrival day

19. Pools are maintained and cleaned by a professional company on a once or twice a week schedule

20. During pool heater season, heaters are inspected to be in working order on arrival day

21. Pools filled with water on arrival day to ensure proper function

22. Pool umbrellas are inspected and tied down for safety

23. Grounds and landscaping are maintained by a professional company on a weekly basis

24. All trash is removed from property on arrival day

25. Propane tanks are inspected/replaced to ensure you can start the grill the minute you go outside

26. Exterior grills are sanitized with high heat and scrubbed on day of arrival

27. Beach chairs, coolers, and beach caddies are inspected for quality assurance on day of arrival

28. Bikes are inspected and maintained on day of arrival

29. All outdoor furniture is inspected and maintained prior to your arrival

30. Docks, ladders, and hoses are inspected for safety and functionality

31. Outdoor areas are swept and blown on day of your arrival

32. Garages and sheds are inspected and organized

33. Kayaks are inspected and flipped upside down, so they are ready for immediate use

34. Each home is stocked with starter supplies consisting of cleaning supplies for use during your stay

35. All staff wear masks and disposable gloves when entering our properties

36. Extra cleaning time is allocated to existing turnover timeframes