Our CottageCredos


More than a ‘tag’ line, it’s a way of life. As we grow together the team balances each other out (for the most part)! In doing so, we continue making progress in both creating efficiencies while maintaining our understanding in the value of life! Treating others as we want to be treated is one of our core qualities.

``It's not about compromise, life is about understanding and making progress within every moment together!``


President & CEO

Our “Yes” Policy

Guests and owners set the standards for which our team members live and work by. We are more than simply responsive. We anticipate what they need before they even know themselves. It is our personal endeavor to create a harmonious, stress-free and easy environment for the owners and guests alike. The cost of doing so is menial in comparison to the overall success and revenue goals on an annual basis.

Always an Open Door

Cross department communication has always been the forefront of how this company was forged. We work better together in helping one another. It’s important to know who to go to for an answer or a solution. It’s also important to never forget to think outside of the box and use each other’s strengths and weaknesses to support one another in the best way possible.

Empowered Employees

Empowerment means that our employees believe that no problem exists without a solution. Focusing on solutions rather than the problem is what helps make our team more efficient. Empowerment means that we can provide immediate and superior guest services while always protecting each and every owner’s “bottom line.”

A Holistic Approach

Team members always take a holistic approach to their career paths in the company. No one person is responsible for their entire department. Sharing in the responsibilities and understanding and learning other departmental roles is what not only allows us to stay lean and efficient, but it also supports employee promotions within the company as it grows. “No man is an island,” means we support each other regardless of the task at hand. If one is not available, then the other must step up to the plate to show how we truly shine.

Perfecting the Experience

Quality and consistency is the most important trait for our portfolio of homes. By upholding to our promise to offer quality and consistency across the board, we provide an unparalleled experience for the guests and owners alike. Quality and consistency are traits that define these important company standards:
• Communication efforts
• Housekeeping standards
• 24/7 Home maintenance
• 24/7 Guest responsiveness

Proactive vs. Reactive

Every policy in place is based on a learned experience. Placing thought and reason into each decision is paramount to creating a proactive culture, rather than a reactive culture. Employees are not only empowered, they are asked to bring foresight and planning into their daily operations. Creating a proactive work culture means getting ahead of the curve, working on realistic deadlines, and stopping the anxiety and mistakes that come with making hasty decisions. It relieves not only the company from the burden of reinventing the wheel over and over, but it also allows guests and owners an unfettered feeling of acknowledgement and deep understanding. A proactive work culture equates to a more relaxed and thoughtful approach. It means today is important, but tomorrow is our focus.

Complete Transparency

Honesty is the best policy. We portray our company in a realistic, no frills, transparent fashion. Guest and owners prefer and respect honest responses and provide us with their faith in caring for their every need in a responsive and diligent approach. We don’t hide from problems, we stand up and address them. In the end, transparency pays off in the long run. It allows us to provide better solutions and to build stronger relationships. Transparency builds confidence in the relationships we have with our guests and owners.

The “WOW” Factor

Every guest and owner deserves to be treated as a priority and a VIP. Every guest and owner is important and therefore every experience counts. With that being said, our guests and owners deserve special and precious moments that make them feel they are important to us. They are part of this company’s extended family. At least once during their stay with us we want to provide them a moment to be described as a “WOW” factor. This entails getting to know each of them, their likes and dislikes, special events in their lives, and what makes them happy in thought and life. No one wants to come home to an empty, dark and lonely house, so we ensure that they experience the opposite by preparing the home for their arrival and leaving special welcome gifts. All the while, we must remember that the most stressful part about going on vacation is the travel… we pride ourselves on creating a warm inviting atmosphere that smooths the transition from a hectic travel day to a serene environment.

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